Getting government to pay attention to your organization’s advocacy story

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Getting government to pay attention to your organization’s advocacy story is a combined training webinar and in-person workshop on the application of strategic communications to enable charities and other non-charity NGOs to achieve their public-policy advocacy goals cost-effectively in a highly competitive marketplace for getting the attention of government, especially with today’s crowded political landscape that is rapidly being transformed by a digital communications world loaded with “social issues” noises.  

As much as possible, instructional content will be custom-designed to reflect the advocacy concerns of the NGOs or charitable organization(s) represented by the participants registered for the workshop.  Participants will have opportunities through interactive instruction and practice exercises:  to learn how to develop an effective, comprehensive strategic communications plan that fits your charity’s needs and objectives; to improve their knowledge of successful advocacy communication strategies and tactics for reaching and motivating government decision-makers, their influencers and other key audiences in a complex political environment; to acquire skills on writing clear, simple and persuasive messages and communications material; as well as, to apply their new knowledge in group simulation or practice exercises on strategic communications planning, issues management, and broadening support from allies and other stakeholders for their charity’s advocacy goals.