Gord McIntosh

Training Offered: 

Gord McIntosh spent 30 years in journalism, working in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Web, before becoming a consultant in government relations, communications strategy, issue management, social marketing and media training in Ottawa in 2001.

As a public affairs strategist, he has helped prominent trade associations, corporations and foreign governments make themselves heard nationally and internationally.

His track record includes media relations and communications strategy on the Cape Farewell Project, a highly successful two-year project by the British Council in which more than 100 high school students from around the world were sent on expeditions to the Arctic to investigate climate change. Gord  also helped the Canadian Automobile Association widen its reach as a consumer organization with a media campaign for a safe and efficient Trans Canada Highway System.

A winner of two National Newspaper Awards, Gord has coached several cabinet ministers, Members of Parliament and CEOs on how to deal with the media.  He frequently gives seminars on how to make the media an ally in messaging.

He has written speeches and op-ed articles for CEOs, cabinet ministers, senior public servants and university officers.

Organization: 110 Percent Communication services