Ian R. Mackenzie

Ian R. Mackenzie is a Canadian arbitrator, mediator and trainer. He has been adjudicating and mediating employment-related disputes for eleven years. Ian has also been actively involved in training adjudicators in all aspects of conducting fair hearings. He is a former vice-chair of the federal Public Service Labour Relations Board and of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. He is currently a part-time member of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Ian was the course director for a training program for federally-appointed tribunal members for five years and is a regular panelist on conferences on administrative law and practice. He is the author of the chapter on union rights and responsibilities in Palmer’s Collective Agreement Arbitration in Canada (4th edition) and has written extensively on labour relations and administrative law and procedure. He is a regular columnist on slaw.ca. Lexis-Nexis will be publishing Ian’s book on reasons writing in 2013. Ian is an active member of the Ontario Bar Association and has been a member of the OBA Council since 2010. Before becoming an adjudicator in 2002, Ian worked as a lawyer in private practice; in a variety of roles within federal public service unions, including as Executive Director; and as counsel with the federal Department of Justice.

Organization: Mackenzie DRS