Coleen MacKinnon


Developing strategy, engaging stakeholders, mobilizing and managing public support, establishing strategic communications and securing required financial resources are all part of an effective advocacy campaign. Coleen MacKinnon brings a wide range of experience from a background in public relations, communications and financial campaign management to these practical aspects of advocacy management.

Ms. MacKinnon most recently led a public policy reform initiative in Sydney, Australia. Working with St James Ethics Centre and advocating on behalf of the Parents and Citizens of New South Wales, Ms MacKinnon was responsible for proposing strategy, leading a broad-based stakeholder consultation, fostering community consensus, proposing and overseeing a government and media relations strategy, managing a team of volunteers and providing fundraising counsel to support the effort. The result was state government approval of a pilot project as a first step in amending a discriminatory and anachronistic primary education policy.

Ms MacKinnon’s interests lie in the area of social justice, progressive education and health care reform. She believes strongly in the consultative process and is a supporter of contemporary and inclusive change management techniques.


Organization: Strategic Advocacy Management