Policy Design Studio

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Policy Design Studio combines the ‘learning-by-making’ studio format of the arts with modern adult education methods including; developing a base of participants knowledge ‘coming in’, expert contributions, visual thinking and facilitated group collaboration. To facilitate full participation the optimum number of participants is 8 to 12, though a maximum of 20 will be considered in certain circumstances.

Two weeks before the studio event participants are provided with a kit including a current edition of Glen’s graphic publication ‘ Making Policy: A Guide to How the Federal Government Works’, a large wall chart of the policy marketplace, logistic materials, and a briefing note from Glen suggesting how to develop the strategy and chart using your own knowledge, referring to the Guide, gathering intelligence on the goals of decision-makers, consulting with local colleagues and experts, etc.
Before the design studio workshop participants work collaboratively in local pairs to research and develop a strategy for a policy initiative using the chart provided in the kit as a guide, template and presentation medium.

At the half-day in-person studio workshop, the policy initiative charts are presented by their authors, then positively critiqued by Glen and other participants via facilitated observations and ideas. Glen will contribute short briefings as required emerging from the studio conversation.

The studio workshop concludes with a facilitated review of lessons learned, synthesis of participants’ ideas, and ideas for further development of policy capabilities.