Public Narrative

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Karim Bardeesy’s session on “Public Narrative” is not currently available, as Karim is now the Executive Director of Policy in the Office of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

Congratulations Karim!!


Public Narrative – how to communicate your story to bind your community together and inspire collective action

Public narrative is a method of argument that touches the heart as much as the brain. It is based on those things we all tell each other – stories. But it is more than just storytelling.

There are many familiar elements of story — plot, character, setting, moral, denouement — but we often absorb them in movies and fiction, or employ them in seemingly idle chat.

We will practice storytelling in an intentional fashion. Public narrative involves breaking the elements of story down, practicing them intensively with each other, and listening to and pulling the values out of each others’ stories. You will become a more effective communicator by practicing a public narrative that can be mobilized in the service of advocacy-related goals.